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Client: Large Southwest-Based Utility Service:

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By employing SafeTec’s environmental reporting tools, two separate companies achieve greater accuracy and significant time savings in their Tier II reporting processes

The challenge

During a 2007 buyout, two of the Southwest’s largest utilities were formed; though each remained operated and governed as separate and independent companies. Both companies were utilizing long-established methods for complying with Texas Tier II reporting requirements, mandating that companies provide detailed information on chemicals that
met or exceeded specified reporting thresholds at any given point on an annual basis.

One utility, with a large chemical footprint, owns numerous potentially reportable chemical products, while the other – although holding a relatively smaller chemical portfolio – has multiple locations (approximately 2,000 facilities).

The solution

With strong incentives present at both companies to streamline the Tier II reporting processes, both utilities retained SafeTec to manage all associated reporting requirements. Utilizing automated chemical inventory management software which draws up-to-date information from global regulatory agencies and MSDS databases, SafeTec transferred all relevant reporting chemical data into digitized formats that were imported directly into Texas Tier II Submits, generating specific reports for every facility.

SafeTec’s environmental reporting tools represented major overhauls to both companies’ Tier II reporting programs, resulting in significant time savings and more accurate reporting. Importantly, the solutions permitted the utility with the larger chemical footprint to submit accurate reports covering a large breadth of chemical products, and enabled the utility with the larger facility footprint to deliver thorough reporting of an inventory record against multiple locations.

Featured SafeTec application: Reports & Analysis Hub

SafeTec’s Reports & Analysis Hub integrates with your (M)SDS library and automatically identifies chemicals containing extremely hazardous substances. The module identifies which chemicals are required to be included in your Tier II report and organizes them by facility location and quantity. Additionally, the Reports & Analysis Hub calculates and converts chemical quantities into appropriate units automatically. There’s no need for manual calculations, saving you time and greatly improving accuracy. The system also notifies you of errors in regard to (M)SDS records that have missing data elements which may have otherwise gone unnoticed, helping ensure accurate calculations.

Completing and submitting your Tier II reports electronically is easy with the Reports & Analysis Hub. You can download facility and inventory data in ready-to-submit format. These files can then be filed via third-party software, such as EPA’s
Tier2 Submit. You can also download individual PDF reports for each facility to submit manually or keep on file.

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