End-to-end chemical compliance through cloud-based SDS management

What We Do

Get compliant with state- and federal-mandated regulatory requirements for chemical management and reporting.

Our Customers

SafeTec gives environmental, health, and safety professionals the support, technology, and know-how to make informed decisions about the chemicals in their organization. We unlock the data within safety data sheets and use automation to deliver the structured information you need to manage thousands of chemicals safely and sustainably.

What Makes SafeTec Different?

  • Unique Platform
    • The HSI Encompass EHS management platform intelligently connects chemical compliance, workplace safety training, and incident management in one solution.
  • Data Quality
    • Continuous collecting, obtaining, and validating of chemicals from thousands of manufacturers across the world result in one of the highest accuracy ratings in the industry.
  • Service Expertise
    • A skilled team of knowledgeable and industry-recognized experts with years of experience in chemical compliance, SDS authoring, and SaaS platform development.
Who We Are
Safetec SDS Chemical Compliance SaaS Platform

What We Do

SafeTec provides industry-leading tools and services — plus highly personalized support — to help customers understand and analyze the chemicals used in their organizations. We integrate technology, services, information, and automation to make this possible. We adapt our offerings to our customers’ needs and collaborate with them in developing innovative, intuitive solutions. We innovate, grow, and expand our influence to generate sustainable value for our customers, employees, and shareholders.

Energy & Utilities
Chemical Manufacturing
Oil & Gas


Businesses and industries of all types and sizes benefit from the chemical intelligence and data accuracy of SafeTec's technology, support tools, and services.


Download The 5-Step Guide to HazCom Compliance

In this e-book, learn about the five best practice steps to help with compliance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication (HazCom) standard.

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SafeTec can help your enterprise develop an end-to-end EHS solution that keeps you in compliance. As part of the HSI family, Summit Training Source offers award-winning workplace safety training content through the Encompass EHS Solutions platform.

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