What We Do

The SafeTec trifecta: Safety, simplicity, intelligence.

SafeTec offers comprehensive, automated (M)SDS and chemical inventory management solutions via a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. That’s the short story. More importantly, we put our expertise on your side:

  • We help you improve understanding of the hazardous materials in your workplace by providing leading chemical intelligence™ solutions and service.
  • We reduce the complexity and costs of chemical management by customizing our system as needed so safety and environmental professionals across industries have more time to focus on their top priorities.
  • We help advance collective chemical knowledge for the benefit of the environment as well as industry by employing the latest technology, support tools, and field services in every engagement.

In the ever-shifting landscape of chemical compliance and management, you can rely on SafeTec to provide the support and solutions that advance chemical intelligence – for your operation and for the world at large.