Know your chemicals: Inside and Out

Chemicals seem to find a way into our work environments whether we want them to or not. Sometimes they come in welcomed, other times they sneak inside of backpacks, hide in new shipments or just somehow magically appear in the corner cabinet. We help companies know their chemicals; whether you’re a chemical manufacturer or just simply use them in your everyday operations, we help increase your visibility across all your facilities. Click here to view.


infographic-thumb-02OSHA Compliance

SafeTec reduces the complexity and costs to achieve compliance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard so safety and environmental professionals across industries have more time to focus on their top priorities. Click here to view.



On-Site Chemical Inventory Servicesinfographic-thumb-03

Close compliance gaps and achieve accurate chemical inventories  with SafeTec’s on-site chemical inventory services. Click here to review




5 Steps to GHS Compliance

infographic-thumb-ghsWhether you’re working toward getting your organization in compliance with GHS on your own, or with a little outside help, the following 5 best practice steps will help to ensure your successClick here to view.