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Free White Paper Download! A Practical Guide to Navigating the MSDS to SDS Transition

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As key target dates for GHS quickly approach, the challenges related to the MSDS to SDS transition have dramatically increased. Unfortunately, the GHS timeline created expectations that chemical manufacturers, blenders, distributors, end users and other employers have struggled with. As such, the development of these new SDSs has fallen short of those expectations set by OSHA.

Many thought we’d see an influx of SDSs from manufacturers by early 2015. However, this has not yet occurred. This state of affairs has surfaced a major challenge for chemical blenders and distributors who simply won’t have enough time to author or release SDSs to downstream users in order to meet the June 1st deadline. And consequently, downstream users have been left with concerns as to how they’ll collect and manage the outpour of SDSs in a timely fashion when they do finally arrive.

Thankfully, OSHA has recently acknowledged these challenges and adjusted their plans for enforcement based on the concepts of due diligence and good faith efforts. Though much confusion remains relating to compliance and enforcement of the standard.

This white paper is designed to provide downstream users with best practices for navigating the GHS transition in the United States. We outline the current state of affairs examining both upstream manufacturers and impacts on downstream users. In addition, we summarize current enforcement expectations, highlighting what will and won’t be enforced, and provide actionable due diligence best practices to deliver peace of mind during the transition.

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