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SDS Authoring & Consulting Services

We help author your SDSs so you have more time to focus on your top priorities. 

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Growing adoption of GHS is driving demand for authoring services worldwide. To assist EH&S environmental, health and safety professionals with this transition, SafeTec offers market leading authoring and consulting services, helping in the writing and publication of high-quality, compliant SDS documents. Our experienced Authoring team functions as an addition to your in-house EH&S team, scaling as necessary with service and software support to create high-quality, globally compliant SDS documents so you can focus on your core business priorities.





We bring in best-in-class expertise with SafeTec Authors who will support your in-house SDS writing, utilizing either your authoring software or ours. Or if consulting is more of your need, our authors will gladly walk along side you in the creation of your SDSs, including in SAP.


Regional Support


Our Authors are trained to produce high-quality, compliant SDSs that support a variety of languages, regions and regulations.


Domain Expertise


SafeTec's on-staff Authors have backgrounds in chemistry, toxicology, molecular biology and biotechnology, and experience in (M)SDS authoring and regulatory consulting, including authoring in SAP.


Flexible Support


Our authoring services scale with your business needs - whether you need incremental service-level support or fully-outsourced authoring, our tailored solutions save you time and deliver operational efficiencies to your entire EH&S team.

Service Details

Our co-authoring services include:

  • Diverse authoring software experience, including SAP EHS, MSDgen, The WERCS, ProSteward, Intelligent Authoring and more
  • Ingredient and Hazard classification analysis and disclosures
  • Exposure analysis for mixtures and pure substances
  • Toxicology evaluation and analysis
  • Eco-toxicology evaluation and analysis
  • Hazard communication labeling classification analysis
  • Hazard communication transportation classifications for land, air and water

Our outsourced authoring capabilities and toolsets feature:

  • Fully outsourced SDS authoring powered by SafeTec third-party software
  • Global GHS compliant SDS document generation
  • SDS publication in over 46 languages
  • GHS substance and preparation classifications
  • Phrase library including more than 14,000 SDS compliant phrases pre-translated into as many as 46 languages
  • Transportation classifications
  • Ability to import/export your own in-house or third-party phrase libraries

Get in Touch

Our Experts

Betty Hicks

As a key component in launching our new offering, SafeTec has added to its team one of the world’s foremost authoring experts, Betty Hicks. Betty has a proven and successful track record in building and leading a successful global authoring enterprise. By leveraging her 20 plus years expertise in (M)SDS authoring and chemical manufacturing, Betty provides the highest possible value in terms of SDS authoring, guided by a relationship-focused foundation of integrity and trust.

Erin Ryan

Erin has worked within the EH&S industry for more than 13 years, having spent time in-industry working on (M)SDS authoring and chemical management for two leading chemical manufacturers, as well as having served in an outsourced authoring capacity for one of the world's largest authoring enterprises. With global (M)SDS authoring experience in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia, and the Pacific Rim, Erin has supported businesses of all sizes. She is an expert in GHS assessments and SDS/label preparation to the Purple Book standard, and is well-versed in international hazard communication and EH&S regulations across a myriad of industries.

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