Regulatory Engine to Ensure Chemical Compliance

SafeTec’s Regulation module integrates the most prevalent chemical regulatory lists from around the world into the rest of your chemical management system. The lists track chemical name, Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number, threshold limits (if they apply) and other important attributes.

With SafeTec’s Regulatory Engine, you can:

  • Access hundreds of up-to-date regulations worldwide
  • Create custom chemical lists i.e. specific banned substances, substances of concern and/or other internal lists
  • Monitor thresholds through chemical inventory integration
  • Generate facility-based, occupational exposure limit analysis reports using ACGIH, AIHA, OSHA and other OEL lists
  • Easily see chemicals associated to a regulation such as OSHA, TSCA, DHS, REACH, HAPS, NPRI, CEPA, RCRA, EPRCA, CERCLA and many more
  • Associate your facilities to geographical locations and show which regulations apply to those facilities
  • Export regulatory lists and associated reports to Microsoft Excel

Access to over 400 regulatory lists

In the United States, the lists include:  Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS), OSHA, EPA, CEPA, NPRI, SARA, IARC / NTP carcinogens, TSCA, CERCLA, RCRA, Clean Water Act, HAPs and US state-based lists such as California Proposition 65, New York City Hazardous Substance List, New Jersey Hazardous Substance List, Pennsylvania Hazardous Substance List and more.

Intelligent regulatory data analysis 

Over 40 regulation-based reports are accessible. Easily identify chemicals that are associated with a specific regulatory list, or combine multiple lists together for more detailed analysis. If you’re also using SafeTec’s Chemical Inventory module, you can determine if your facility is above threshold for a specific regulation. Other reports indicate if newly added chemicals are on a specific hazard list. You could even create your own “banned substance list” and set-up flags to indicate when any of these chemicals shows up at a facility. Most reports also have the option of exporting the results in Microsoft Excel, allowing for additional manipulation and dissemination of the data.

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