Right-to-Know Chemical SDS Access

SafeTec’s Right-To-Know (RTK) Access solutions give EHS professionals and employees the (M)SDS and chemical exposure information they need immediately—with or without an internet connection. At the facility floor-level, you can display urgently needed information to your entire (M)SDS library instantly by mouse or touchscreen.

Right to Know Portals

SafeTec offers basic Right to Know access portals to ensure critical safety data is available at a moments notice. We also offer back-up data to ensure your employees can access with or without an internet connection.

(M)SDS Hotline

Even if your employees are working in remote locations or in areas with limited computer access, they can get any safety data sheets in your inventory faxed to them, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, simply by calling our convenient, toll-free (M)SDS hotline. Translation services are also available in sixty-five foreign languages so employees can request an (M)SDS in their preferred language.

Kiosk Solution

SafeTec’s kiosk-based software solution provides critical Right-to-Know (RTK) information about chemical data at the point of potential hazard. Users can easily access real-time safety and first aid information at the point of exposure, mitigating potential injuries and helping safeguard facility operations.

  • Self-Service Access to Chemical Data: Designed to unite ease-of-use and speed-of-access at the point of greatest need, from a single point of access, your complete set of (M)SDS information is literally at your user’s fingertips
  • Flexible Hardware Applications: SafeTec’s kiosk software supports point-and-click and touch screen hardware applications, delivering timely access to critical chemical information for the casual user
  • Customization Options: The software solution can be tailored to meet your company’s brand identity, from a customized UI to simple logo integration

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