SDS Management and Monitoring

Keeping up your good work

Worried about keeping your (M)SDS/SDS collection up-to-date? Let SafeTec’s experienced team of Retrieval Analysts handle the time-consuming task of ensuring your (M)SDS/SDS documents are kept current.

How it works

SafeTec’s (M)SDS Monitor service tracks your (M)SDS revision dates monthly or annually. The product (M)SDS with an older revision date will be updated to the most recent version provided by the manufacturer. Old (M)SDS versions will be archived for historical purposes and new versions will be available to the entire organization. Since data on the (M)SDS can change from the old version to the new version (for example, ingredients may be added or removed), SafeTec will index the document so you have the most correct information available for your users.  In addition, SafeTec will send you a summary report of what products were updated after any monitor project is complete.

SDS Monitoring during the GHS transition

The transition period for GHS is expected to be two to three years. During this time, some of your vendors will have the new GHS SDSs immediately available while others will lag behind. SafeTec can manage this difficult transition period and take care of the entire retrieval process for you. SafeTec can tailor a monitor service option to meet your organization’s specific requirements. However, most of our clients opt for the US or Canadian Monitor Services.

  • For US customers, the US Monitor Service will keep their (M)SDS collections current by offering a US Monitor Service. This service reviews (M)SDS revision dates on an annual basis. SafeTec will note which (M)SDSs are over three years old, then contact product manufacturers to acquire the most recently revised (M)SDS documents.
  • For Canadian customers, WHMIS requires every (M)SDS to have a revision date within the past three years.  SafeTec’s Canadian Monitor Service will ensure compliance with the three-year revision rule by monitoring your (M)SDS collection on a monthly, bi-monthly, or annual basis and acquiring new (M)SDS versions for those documents nearing the three-year expiration.

SafeTec also provides (M)SDS/SDS monitor services for other countries and regions. Please speak with one of SafeTec’s account managers for details.

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