SDS Management Software for Chemical Data Indexing

Unlock your chemical data 

SafeTec’s (M)SDS Data Indexing service unlocks your chemical data, allowing you to perform enhanced chemical searches, streamline your environmental reporting and deliver more automation to your hazard analysis process. Indexing not only brings PDF versions of your (M)SDSs to the fingertips of your employees, but it also presents critical safety and exposure information from (M)SDS documents in a standard, uniform format.

What can be captured? 

SafeTec’s (M)SDS analysts capture your  specific, critical data, from product name and manufacturer to chemical ingredients and PPE. Any data available on an (M)SDS can be indexed, including internal, user-defined fields such as SAP numbers or common names. Data can be imported from existing systems and translated into a variety of languages. To get started, schedule a consultation today.

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