SDS Management

SafeTec‘s end-to-end (M)SDS Management solutions remove the challenges associated with material safety data sheet management, while allowing you to proactively analyze and plan for your entire chemical portfolio through a combination of technology, regulatory information and services. Our team will help identify your requirements, then configure SafeTec’s (M)SDS Management solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization. And your entire SafeTec solution grows with you: simply add or subtract functions and services as needed.


SafeTec’s (M)SDS Management solutions help you:

  • Analyze and assess your entire chemical portfolio
  • Develop proactive chemical approvals and workflows
  • Streamline regulatory reporting
  • Comply with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard
  • Quickly access critical safety and environmental information in the event of an emergency
  • Deliver relevant employee training based on hazardous chemicals present in their workplace

Our (M)SDS Management solutions feature:

  • Anytime, anywhere access to your chemical portfolio
  • Unlimited employee and administrative users
  • Smart search capabilities
  • Configurable system views for individual facilities & users
  • Location-specific chemical inventory maintenance
  • Access to SafeTec’s comprehensive (M)SDS library
  • Integrated regulatory database
  • Data export capabilities for offline analysis
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • OSHA compliant backup system
  • Support for over 300 languages and local dialects

Our process for managing your safety data sheets includes:

  • (M)SDS Submit accepted via web, email, fax or standard mail
  • (M)SDS Acquisition SafeTec’s Retrieval Team will locate and acquire (M)SDSs directly from the
    manufacturer of each product or material used in your facilities
  • (M)SDS Data Indexing unlocks your (M)SDS data, allowing you to perform detailed chemical searches, streamline your environmental reporting and automate your hazard analysis process
  • Data Duplication removes duplicate (M)SDSs, archiving or removing from your system based on your specifications
  • Automated Chemical / Material Approval configured to your specifications
  • (M)SDS Monitoring to ensure the latest (M)SDS revision dates are active; services can be performed on a monthly or annual basis
  • Automated (M)SDS Archiving configured to your specifications

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