Environmental Reporting and Regulation Tools for Chemical Management


Imagine TurboTax for chemicals—that’s how simple it is to use SafeTec’s comprehensive environmental reporting and regulation tools. Our chemical inventory management software draws on up-to-date information from global regulatory agencies and your (M)SDS database to complete queries and pre-populate reporting forms automatically. You save lots of time, improve compliance, and reduce the risk of fines and shutdowns. Includes Tier I & II reporting, TRI Form R Reporting, and custom reporting to meet federal, state and local requirements

SafeTec reporting systems have been customized to meet many federal, state and local requirements such as:

  • Tier II
  • Form R
  • New York 209-u
  • Michigan PIPP
  • New Jersey RTK Hazardous Substance List
  • Pennsylvania Hazardous Substances List
  • And many more