Chemical Inventory Management Specialists

The SafeTec System includes a complete chemical inventory and container tracking system so you can really know  your chemicals. The system provides in-depth inventory control detail, including 5-level location tracking and container tracking. Your employees will be able to identify and track all of your chemicals at a glance, on-screen and on the shelf.

All chemical inventory information is integrated with both the chemical database and SafeTec’s reporting capabilities to form a fully integrated solution. SafeTec’s chemical tracking and inventory solutions allow you to:

  • Monitor physical location and chemical usage at the container level
  • Capture material quantities using fill levels, packages or exact quantities
  • Generate usage, received and maximum/average quantities to help produce Tier II, Form R and custom inventory reports
  • Track custom chemical mixtures and blends
  • Access historical audit trails to view detail modifications within the container system

 On-site Inventory Services 

Never had a chemical audit? Not a problem. Our on-site inventory experts will document all of your chemicals on-site to create your comprehensive SafeTec (M)SDS database and corresponding chemical container labels. For the first time, you’ll know every chemical across your workplace.

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