SDS Compliance and Authoring

Best Practices to Ensure Your Safety Data Sheets are Compliant 

With the globally harmonized system for hazard communication (GHS) implementation, all material safety data sheets (MSDS) need to be updated to safety data sheets (SDS) to be compliant under the HazCom 2012 guidelines. Even with guidance provided by the United Nations and OSHA, old material safety data sheets still exist, and up-to-date safety data sheets have oversights that do not follow the new guidelines. Safety data sheets that are not updated or inaccurate can have both costly and hazardous repercussions to the environment, businesses and workforce.

During webinar, you’ll learn more on:

  • HazCom 2012 guidelines
  • Best practices to ensure your safety data sheets are compliant
  • Frequent mistakes that occur on safety data sheets
  • Common questions about updating MSDS to SDS
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