Inventory Summary

Inventory Summary

The Inventory Summary section allows users to drill into each facility in the Reporting Efffort to review material and chemical information for each facility in the Reporting Effort. The summaries provide important information such as which facilities have or do not have reportable materials, as well as which materials are reportable and those that are not. Understanding why materials are reportable is an important stage in making sure the reporting effort is complete prior to finalizing the report.

Note: You may click on the continuebtn button in the Navigation Bar at any time if you are finished reviewing the inventory information or if you simply want to skip this step. You can also return to the Inventory Summary Home page at any time by clicking on the inventorysummarybtn button in the Navigation Bar.

Summary By Facility

This tab summarizes the number of reportable and non-reportable materials at each facility in the Reporting Effort.inventory1.png

  1. Click on the Facility Name to view the material inventory information for that facility.
  2. See Also: Summary of Facility Inventory

Summary of Materials Across Facilities

Summary of all materials included in the Reporting Effort displaying the number of facilities that have a reportable or non-reportable quantity where applicable.


Summary of Facility Inventory

Summary of all material inventory records for a single facility. Contains tabs that can display quantitative and reporting information for both materials and chemicals.

Materials Tab

Lists all material inventory records at a facility. The grid indicates if a material is reportable based on reportable thresholds. The columns are sortable by clicking the arrows in each column heading.


  1. Click on a Material Name to view its Attributes and Chemical Composition.
  2. See Also: Material Detail

Chemicals Tab

Lists all chemical quantities, aggregated across all materials for a facility. The grid indicates if the chemical causes materials to be reportable based on EHS reportable thresholds. The columns are sortable by clicking the arrows in each column heading.


  1. Click on a Chemical Name to view the Chemical Attributes and which materials the chemical is present in.
  2. See Also: Chemical Detail

Export to Excel

You can download a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet which contains all Material and Chemical inventory information for the reporting effort by clicking on the button in the upper right corner of the screen. Depending on browser settings, this file will open automatically, prompt you to save the file, or it will be downloaded to your ‘Downloads’ folder.

View Report Files

The system generates the report outputs in the following formats:

  • T2S Report – this file can be imported into the Federal EPA Tier II Submit software, which is also compatible with the ePlan web application
    NOTE: Compatibility with ePlan is not directly supported at this time
  • Tier II PDFs – completed Tier II Report adhering to Federal EPCRA guidelines
  • All Tier II Report Files – compiles all report outputs into a single .zip folderinventory5.png

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