Maintaining GHS Standards

GHS Transition

Concerned about GHS? We can help. We know your time is invaluable. Let us help relieve the burden of GHS so you can focus on what matters.

As a leading provider of chemical intelligence solutions, we have been actively preparing for GHS. So whether you have already started planning for the new GHS system or haven’t yet begun, we have the expertise to help. SafeTec has built its reputation on the foundation of providing companies with the industry-best tools, support, and services for advanced chemical inventory management. For satisfying GHS, the same holds true.

Utilizing our same collaborative approach and integrated methods, we have developed a strategic, step-by-step process for helping you prepare and manage for your transition to GHS:

  • First, conduct an on-site chemical inventory audit. SafeTec’s on-site inventory service will establish a direct correlation between your MSDS library and the chemicals in your organization, eliminating duplicates or older versions and shoring up any compliance gaps. During this process, any documents with GHS elements will be captured and indexed. The overall result is a clean inventory that is best prepared for transitioning to a GHS-compliant collection.
  • Second, use SafeTec’s SDS Acquisition, Monitoring and Management services. SafeTec’s Monitor service tracks all MSDS revision dates and continually updates MSDS documents to the latest versions available. By tailoring this system to the GHS transition, SafeTec will continually monitor your MSDS collection, obtaining each and every new SDS document – including all corresponding GHS-compliant labels – as soon as these resources are available from the manufacturer, archiving the outdated MSDSs.

In short, we will first establish an accurate MSDS representation of your chemicals and then will actively monitor your collection, acquiring new SDSs and GHS-compliant labels as soon as they are released. We believe this represents the most efficient, up-to-date, and cost-effective process for meeting GHS.

Of course, our solution is adaptable and can be fully tailored to your unique situation. But whether you are proactive-minded or reactive in your transition to GHS, the time to begin preparing is now.

So get in touch and let’s get started.

Download our GHS Whitepaper: “What You Really Need to Know About GHS: A Practical Guide to Navigating the MSDS to SDS Transition”

Check out our infographic on the 5 Steps to GHS Compliance.

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