Chemical Intelligence You Can Rely On

Simplified (M)SDS Management Solutions

Exceptional Chemical Compliance for You and Your Community

Your services allow people’s day-to-day lives to move more smoothly. We understand you need to limit any road bumps along the way. SafeTec provides those throughout the public sector, defense, and transportation industries with reliable chemical compliance tools to limit hazards along your way. The SafeTec solution grants businesses and organizations peace of mind through a comprehensive knowledge of your chemicals. Our system allows you to unlock the data within safety data sheets to provide structured information you can utilize to mitigate risk while protecting your community, the environment, and employees alike.




Risk Management

Reducing Downtime and Improved Safety
Utilize the SafeTec system to maintain optimal capacity throughout all of your facilities by identifying and eliminating potential risks. With a personalized system, our partners are able to bridge the gaps with chemical compliance before they become an issue.


Care for Your Community
Appeal to your community’s value of protection by knowing chemicals you have on hand and how they impact your employees and our environment. Allow us to help you build upon your social responsibility.


On the Forefront of Regulations
The SafeTec system helps you stay current with any changing government policies through an integrated Regulatory Engine.