On the forefront of quality, innovation, and responsibility through chemical intelligence

Stop your Chemical Compliance Bottleneck in its Tracks

Smart, Dynamic (M)SDS Management

SafeTec provides construction, automotive, manufacturers, and other producers with the chemical intelligence needed to thrive. Our solutions allow you to make choices that not only impact the safety of your employees, but the sustainability and innovation of our world. We shed light on the most crucial inputs through the unlocking of data within safety data sheets and providing automated structured information. We alleviate the time spent, stress, and confusion created when working with hazardous materials that allows our clients to focus on their production.



Dynamic Solutions for your Facilities

Applicable for small and large productions, the SafeTec system offers a customized experience with a smooth process.



Impact Globally Through Acting Locally

SafeTec provides insight of hazardous substances allowing business to be socially responsible along with protecting employees, customers, and communities alike.



Expand Opportunities Reliably

Report, access information, and regulate in a timely manner with SafeTec’s library, authoring services, 24-hour emergency response, and regulatory engine solutions.