Chemical Intelligence: Your ticket to peace of mind

A First Class Experience for Chemical Compliance

Peace of Mind Through (M)SDS Management

Your mission is to entertain, ours is to protect. We understand the behind-the-scenes concern of guest and employee safety. Helping you set the stage for chemical intelligence through (M)SDS management is what we do best. SafeTec partners with those throughout the hospitality, entertainment, and media industry to unlock the data within safety data sheets, providing structured information so you can meet the safety needs of employees and guests. With personalization, stewardship, and protection, the SafeTec system is the tool to your (M)SDS management success. Our solutions simplify chemical compliance, creating peace of mind so you know your visitors and workers are safe.



Adapt to Compliance with Ease
Our system is tailored to the needs of your facility and personnel. From document authoring to on-site signage, chemical compliance is simplified with exceptional accuracy.


Chemical Safety Worth Talking About
Let us help you build upon your corporate social responsibility. SafeTec solutions allow you to care for your community, guests, and employees alike through comprehensive insight of your chemical footprint.


Safeguarding Solutions for Employees
SafeTec systems help you preserve your workforce by creating a safe environment for employees. Safety begins with accurate knowledge of your risks. Our on-site Inventory services allow you to know every hazardous chemical on hand in your facilities, providing you the information needed in making safety decisions.