Your Secret Ingredient: Chemical Intelligence

Setting the Table for Chemical Compliance

A refreshing approach to (M)SDS Management

(M)SDS management maybe something hard to swallow, but here’s something to chew on…..through chemical intelligence, SafeTec helps those throughout the food and beverage industry to protect employees and consumers alike. We help unlock the data within safety data sheets to provide structured information so you can adapt to ever changing consumer demand. SafeTec is a tool that is flexible, efficient, and scalable to your operation. Our solutions make chemical compliance for the food and beverage industry a piece of cake.



Regulation and Reporting Adaptability
Our system paired with an expert authoring team caters to product development to address industry trends.


The Productivity you’ve been Craving
Let us help you use our chemical intelligence to create proactive approaches to consumer health by limiting hazardous situations in the workplace. We help you respond to changes ranging from consumer demand to global environmental impacts.


Dynamic Solutions for your Specialty
Applicable to large and small productions, the SafeTec system allows for quality at any capacity.