Chemical Intelligence: Your Gold Mine of Opportunity

Simplified Chemical Compliance

Holistic (M)SDS Management on a Global Scale

Distributors, wholesalers, and suppliers are responsible for over $3 trillion of goods traded each year throughout our economy. From mining minerals to organic chemical manufacturing to the distribution of goods, your industry’s work impacts the lives around the world. We are here to help you operate in a safe, efficient manner. SafeTec partners with those throughout the commodities, supplier, and distribution industry to unlock the data within safety data sheets, providing structured information so you can meet your regulation and efficiency needs. Through efficiencies, scalability, and current regulations the SafeTec system is your road to SDS management success. Our solution simplifies chemical compliance, and as a result limits the headache of chemical management. Free up time, limit hidden costs, and be on the forefront of regulations with SafeTec.



Hidden Cost Control
Limit any hidden costs associated to chemicals throughout your products and services. Our solutions provide you with structured information on potential hazards within the workplace.


Facilities of all Shapes and Sizes
Let us help your operation run smoothly. With a completely customizable solution, our system helps facilities of all shapes and sizes manage chemicals for domestic and international trade.


Ongoing Compliance Adaptation
The SafeTec system keeps you on the forefront of government regulations. With our Authoring services and Regulatory Engine, your innovations will be prepared for the ever changing guidelines and limitations.