Case Studies

Case Study Two

Chemical inventory compliance rate of large energy provider soars to 97% with SafeTec’s (M)SDS management and chemical compliance solutions

The challenge

SafeTec was engaged by an energy company that controls approximately 19,000 megawatts of electrical generating capacity in the United States. Although the utility was utilizing a technology-based system for its chemical and (M)SDS management, the company had become aware of the need for a more effective and compliance-driven solution as its previous chemical management structure was proving burdensome and ineffective at maintaining a compliance level sufficient for satisfying regulations.

Beyond improving the utility’s compliance performance, a new solution would also need to be capable of integrating with the company’s existing systems and corporate processes. Additionally, the utility required a system that could centrally-manage its compliance data and also create customizable secondary labels for chemical containers.

After evaluating a number of chemical management vendors, the company settled on SafeTec, determining that its fully integrated chemical management system would represent the best solution for meeting the electric utility’s needs.

The solution

As a first project phase, SafeTec conducted a comprehensive on-site chemical inventory audit of the utility’s facilities, revealing a compliance rate of 25%. Taking immediate action on the inventory results, the company worked quickly and efficiently in cooperation with SafeTec to acquire the necessary documentation for resolving this compliance gap.

SafeTec subsequently implemented a new (M)SDS management system along with Monitoring services to ensure that the utility’s (M)SDS library would continually be kept accurate. Secondary container labeling and an automated material approval process were also employed, the latter of which has successfully tightened oversight of chemicals entering the utility’s facilities.

In 2012, following the introduction of these solutions, the utility was audited. The results of the audit confirmed an astonishing 97% compliance rate across the entirety of the organization.

Future integration

SafeTec met the utility’s integration needs through a flat-file application, establishing an information exchange by integrating with the company’s Asset Suite interface. But with the recent completion of SafeTec’s new Application Program Interface (API), SafeTec has begun ramping up to eventually replace the flat-file integration with the more innovative API integration approach. The upgrade will greatly enhance SafeTec’s ability to service the company and will eliminate the manual activity associated with the current integration.


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