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Case Study One

Large utility and energy provider for New York embraces SafeTec’s tools and services for MSDS management, FIF reporting, and an inventory solution


One of SafeTec’s longest-standing clients, a New York City-based dual-fuel utility originally  partnered with SafeTec in 2003 as a means for establishing a more efficient (M)SDS management system for satisfying OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard. A security-minded and risk adverse company, SafeTec initially managed the utility’s (M)SDS collection over a client server intranet solution – a web-services integration consisting of a server rack and application installed on the company’s internal network, behind its firewall.

FIF Reporting

Working through the utility’s secure intranet network, SafeTec processed the company’s (M)SDS documents and also managed its Facility Inventory Form (FIF) reporting, as mandated under New York City’s Community Right-to-Know Program requiring all facilities holding hazardous substances in an amount at or above specified thresholds to file the FIF report.

Shift to a Web-Based Solution

In 2009, after gaining enough comfort and confidence in SafeTec’s solutions, the utility agreed to shift from its traditional intranet approach to a more modern and streamlined SafeTec-hosted, web-based solution. As a result of the upgrade, the company’s database systems are now updated automatically, as opposed to time-based updates, alleviating many of the inefficiencies  associated with the previous process. Additionally, the conversion has enabled SafeTec to improve the utility’s data platform, providing for more functionality and further solutions.

A DIY Inventory Approach

In contrast to many clients utilizing SafeTec’s on-site chemical inventory services, the utility has developed its own tailored approach, leveraging SafeTec’s tools, for conducting inventory audits of its 400 locations spread throughout New York’s five boroughs. Although more labor-intensive, the use case represents an example of a client using SafeTec’s software in the way that is fitting with the company’s unique needs.


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