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Exciting News! SafeTec Joins HSI

EUGENE, Ore., Jan 11, 2016—SafeTec Compliance Systems (SafeTec) is pleased to announce that it has joined Health & Safety Institute’s (HSI) family of brands for workplace safety, training and emergency care solutions. SafeTec joins the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI), MEDIC First Aid, Summit Training Source, EMP Canada, 24-7 EMS and 24-7 Fire training programs and services brands under the HSI umbrella.

SafeTec has been a leader within the chemical compliance landscape for nearly two decades, helping enterprise customers understand and manage thousands of chemicals safely and sustainably through its SaaS-based platform. Since 2014, SafeTec has been rapidly growing, augmenting its services line of business through SDS authoring and on-site inventory services. This complimentary portfolio helps deliver a unique solution set to the EH&S market by providing a robust platform powered by technology, informed by content, and delivered with services, information and automation.

Since 2011, SafeTec has been rapidly investing in building out its on-site inventory services, which is a key measure in unlocking SDS data to inform enterprise chemical management, product stewardship and environmental reporting. Together, HSI’s network of more than 40,000 qualified EH&S instructors has been identified to help rapidly grow this expanding line of business.

“The merger with SafeTec brings a significant value-add for our EH&S customer base,” explains HSI CEO Bill Clendenen. “Chemical inventory management is a primary focus now for many corporate safety professionals as they direct their company’s GHS-compliance efforts to meet the June 1, 2016 deadline. By offering SafeTec’s outstanding products and services portfolio, we can mitigate a lot of the stress of complying with this important new regulation.”

"Where others have invested in solely building out SaaS platforms, bridging the technology, content and services models is what EH&S professionals need and want" states Clendenen.

“We felt that HSI has a unique vision for serving the needs of our customers,” stated Jim Frohlich, CEO of SafeTec. “They understand that technology is an asset, but without a robust commitment to services to implement, technology can never satiate the true market needs.”

Together, the entities plan to accelerate market growth through a focused rollout of inventory services and an augmented automation toolset, expanding beyond SafeTec’s enterprise footprint, and extending into the SMB market. Leveraging the existing HSI brands, SafeTec will also be able to offer workplace training solutions to its customer base, providing a single-source solution for EH&S products and services. The merger is also intended to accelerate SafeTec’s product roadmap, bringing new technology modules and EH&S services to market faster by leveraging the resources from a much larger organization.

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