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Tightening of GHS Regulations Has a Positive Impact on the Environment

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Chemicals can have a devastating impact on both human health and the environment, and over the past century, humans have introduced an astounding number of chemical substances into the environment. Some are useful and some are waste, but they all can put our planet and people at risk if not managed appropriately. This is where the GHS standards come into play.


Life After the June 1st GHS Deadline

With the recent passing of the June 1st GHS deadline for chemical manufacturers, questions have arisen regarding the impact that this significant milestone has on companies that still aren’t fully compliant. It has become apparent that many chemical manufacturers, even with the best intentions, have struggled to meet the required June 1st deadline for the creation of the revised Safety Data Sheets.


OSHA deadline for GHS adoption fast approaching

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Don’t put GHS off—start planning now in order to meet key target dates.

The transition to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) is nearing with key target dates imminent for chemical manufacturers, distributors and employers to meet requirements.