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Thanks for helping us rebrand!

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New logo, new colors, the big “T”, new website content. What you see here is the result of a very intense rebranding process to make sure we're communicating our true value as a company.


Our customers were integral in shaping the SafeTec rebrand. True, we didn’t ask you what colors you prefer or whether putting a tree in the logo was a good idea. But over several months, we conducted a number of surveys and chatted with a cross-section of customers, SafeTec employees, and our business advisors. And you gave us the unvarnished truth: what’s working; what isn’t; what you think has changed; what shouldn’t change.


What we learned will now be reflected in our actions as well as our words and brand look. Throughout the website and in our communications, we hope you’ll find the information we provide more useful, relevant and maybe even inspiring (you’ll have to let us know how we’re doing.).


Here’s what we were thinking when we redesigned our look.

  • The tree in the logo is meant to symbolize our deep, ever-growing expertise and our SafeTec community of customers, employees, and advisors—it’s a knowledge tree and a family tree.
  • The styling of the branches calls to mind chemical symbols, representing our focus on chemical intelligence.
  • Both our choice of a vibrant green as a signature color and the tree signify our commitment to sustainability in all we do—for the people we work with and the planet.


And why the capital “T” in the wordmark? When you look at the word, the big T helps offset and emphasize the word “Safe”—our main focus in everything we do for you.


Enough about our new look. As always, please feel free to let us know your thoughts about all things SafeTec.

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